Every of our products is certified how per domestic, as well according to international standards in independent institutes.

By testing of our products in independent institutes, PLAMEN clearly acknowledges that the quality is considered at the first place.

Some of standards according to which our products are tested are:

  • DIN 46227
  • DIN 46234
  • DIN 46235
  • DIN 46239
  • DIN 46267/1
  • SRPS N.F4.101
  • IEC 61238-1
  • EN 50483
  • NF C33-020
  • NF C33-021
  • NF C33-040
  • NF C33-041
  • SRPS N.F.2.010
  • IEC 60099-1

Here our quality strives doesn’t stop because our technical team constantly follows new revisions of the mentioned standards and learning new how the PLAMEN company would give adequate standard quality of our products how to domestic, as well to international Clients and provide pleasant business without doubt in our products.